Friday, 16 October 2009


For most 13 year old girls, all they want is -

a) To be popular
b) To have a boyfriend. Preferably the one all the girls like.

And I was no exception. The funny thing is, things don't change too much as you get older. Sure, us girls may not care so much about being popular. But the need to have a boyfriend is still there for alot of us. And I keep wondering why. Is it because they make us feel safe and wanted? Or simply because our best girl friends are getting into serious relationships and you are still going out getting with that random guy every once in a while?

I suppose I can't say too much about it as I have a boyfriend (only of a week and a bit so far, but going good :)) but if a guy ever shows you affection, no matter who it may be, most of the time you will succumb to it, simply to the fact you feel wanted.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a guy. But I do find that those people who sign up to dating agencies online or go out in the hopes of getting with someone are going about it the wrong way. If you and a guy are meant to be, it will happen on it's own accord so stop pushing. Why is it all women want to sign up for arseholes that are most likely going to hurt them? Let's face it, that is most likely what is going to happen.

It seems there isn't a point to me writing this, but i suppose it's just because I think us girls should be more independant without all that drama with guys. Some drama, sure :P But most of my life has been wasted on it, through all those 7 or 8 boyfriends.

Hopefully those 13 year olds will learn :)

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